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Crystal Cluster Rings
18ct yellow gold
$2,100 | ENQUIRE

Anna Wallis

Known for the minimalist geometry of her work, Anna Wallis makes a range of dynamic jewellery that combines different coloured metals. Departing from her interest in geography and geology, Anna’s jewellery plays with abstraction, employing repetitive shapes and patterns that capture the imagination.



Anna lives and works in Auckland.  She has been making jewellery since 1993, when she established Workshop 6 with Areta Wilkinson, Lisa Walker and Helen O’Connor.  She remains a partner in Workshop 6, which recently celebrated 21 years of operation.

Anna trained at Otago Polytechic School of Art, Dunedin, in the early 1990s. Since then, she has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand and Australia, and has taught regular night classes in jewellery.

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