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argillite, lapis lazuli, chrysophase, silver
$300-1000 | ENQUIRE

Brian Adam

“I try to make pleasing shapes into functional jewellery which feels comfortable and is durable. I collect beach pebbles, get Westland pounamu, and cut simple shapes using simple technology. My current jewellery is a lot more settled than when I was making diverse exhibition pieces: now I’m more inspired by grassroots level soft-tech sustainable processes, some of which I’ve invented along the way. I also make custom prescription frames as part of my jewellery: I’m inspired by classic 17th and 18th century silver eyeglass frames that were made by the jewellers of their time, but I draw mine up on a computer for precision and for customer archives.”



Brian Adam attended Wellington Design School from 1968 – 1971.  He is a self-taught jeweller and has been making since 1979.  He has exhibited widely in New Zealand since his first solo exhibition in 1984 at “Fingers”, Auckland.  Brian teaches workshops on jewellery making to all ages, and eyeglass master-classes from “Bush Jewellery”, the studio he shares with jeweller Ruth Baird.  Brian lives and works in Titirangi, West Auckland.

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