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sterling silver, oxidised
$250 | ENQUIRE

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Single Tears
Earrings, 2017
sterling silver
$250 | ENQUIRE

3 / 6
stg silver
$250 | ENQUIRE

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Mr Squishy
Object, 2016
leather, resin, silver, fringing
$300 | ENQUIRE

5 / 6
stg silver, resin
$180 | SOLD

6 / 6
Lizard King
Necklace, 2013
$580 | ENQUIRE

Chloe Rose Taylor

“I daydream while I work. About frisky utopias where space lizards chew bubblegum while drowning in glitter. Colour is my cosmic junkyard, I harness the subtle subconscious language it radiates- to express a mischievous futurism. My making process has its own flow of consciousness. I search for a considered shape – a crystal, a nicely-formed piece of coral, the texture of lobster shell. These shapes are cast in silicon mould, then filled with dyed, opaque resins. At the perfect meeting-point of pattern, form and colour I find balance and silence.”  Chloe Rose Taylor, 2015



Chloe Rose Taylor is originally from Christchurch.  She relocated to Wellington in 2011 to complete a Bachelor of Applied Arts, majoring in contemporary jewellery, at Whitireia New Zealand Faculty of Arts. After graduating in 2013, she has exhibited in group and solo shows in New Zealand.  She was invited to take part in “Best In Show” at Objectspace, Auckland and a finalist in The Dowse student craft awards, 2014.  In 2015, she took part in and co-organised a New Zealand emerging jewellers exhibition during “Radiant Pavilion” in Melbourne.  Her first major solo show was at The National in 2015, “Rock Lobster”.

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