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Pakohe Pendant no. 1
stone (pakohe/argillite), red cord
$720 | ENQUIRE

2 / 5
Infundibulum Pendant no.1
stone (pakohe/argillite), cord
$540 | ENQUIRE

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Pakohe Brooch no. 5
stone, aluminium, brass
$620 | ENQUIRE

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Pakohe Pendant no. 3
stone (pakohe/argillite), paint, red cord
$450 | SOLD

5 / 5
Pakohe Brooch no. 12
stone, aluminium, brass
$620 | ENQUIRE

Craig McIntosh

Craig McIntosh works mainly with stone and greenstone and has for the past few years been concentrating on using and developing a methodology around fabrication with stone.

His most recent solo exhibition, “Machined”, was shown at The National in October 2014.  This new series of brooches and pendants made from Pakohe (argillite), was developed as part of a larger Masters project exploring fabrication, process and material.

Craig McIntosh is currently based in Dunedin and is working towards a Masters of Fine Arts at Otago School of Fine Arts.

Craig has been a practising jeweller for 18 years and has exhibited in New Zealand, Japan, London and recently toured in Wunderruma – a recent survey of New Zealand jewellery exhibited in Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany and at the Dowse Art Museum in Wellington.

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