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Corner Beads
Necklace, 2016
oxidised silver
length variable
$1070 | ENQUIRE

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Farm Beads
Necklaces, 2016
oxidised silver, thread
length variable
$1145 | ENQUIRE

3 / 4
fine & stg silver
lengths variable
$1000-1500 | ENQUIRE

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Holey Necklace
Necklace, 2015
oxidised sterling silver
$1600 | ENQUIRE

Frances Stachl

Frances Stachl’s jewellery demonstrates not only her enjoyment of working with metal, but also her knowledge of jewellery techniques, with great attention to detail. Her necklaces are well considered and beautifully executed, being things of beauty and eminent wearability.   ‘I like the fact that my own jewellery practice is not too different from what a jeweller’s was hundreds of years ago. The tools are essentially the same, as is the process. The tools suggest certain end results and each jeweller follows these to their own personal conclusion. There is a long history to reference, maybe no idea is ever really brand new, but reinterpretations of an idea are constantly visible in New Zealand’s jewellery practice. I like the craft aspect of jewellery, things need to be made well and need to be wearable’.


Frances trained at Whanganui Polytechnic in the mid 1990s and went on to study towards a Diploma of Craft and Design at Whitireia Polytechnic. She has been exhibiting in New Zealand since then.  Frances lives and works in Whanganui and has been represented by The National since 2005.

Art Jewelry Forum recently interviewed Frances on her jewellery practice and new work created for her solo exhibition “Bead” at The National in Feb 2016.  Read the interview here:  https://artjewelryforum.org/frances-stachl-bead

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