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sterling silver
$700 | ENQUIRE

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sterling silver, cord
$340-410 | SOLD

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18ct gold, spessarite garnet

Kobi Bosshard

Born in Switzerland in 1938, Kobi Bosshard trained as a goldsmith, as his father and grandfather had before him. In 1966, he came to New Zealand where he worked as an alpine guide. He was one of a wave of European trained modernists to bring this style of jewellery to New Zealand and was to be hugely influential on the jewellery scene in subsequent decades.

Bosshard established “Fluxus” (with Steve Mulqueen) in 1983 and continued working as a full-time jeweller up until his semi-retirement in 2001. He continues to exhibit and sell work to his galleries round the country today.

Kobi Bosshard is widely recognised as a pioneer of studio jewellery-making in New Zealand and a highly influential teacher of many of our leading jewellery artists.

In 2012/13, a retrospective exhibition of Bosshard’s work Kobi Bosshard: Objectspace Masters of Craft, curated by Damian Skinnertoured New Zealand public galleries.  A monograph, “Kobi Bosshard: Goldsmith” accompanied the exhibition.

Recent exhibitions at The National include:  2013 – Times Revisited – A Grandfather Recalled: Kobi Bosshard Jewellery & Drawings by his grandfather (2013), and 2014 – An exhibition with Peter McKay, (apprentice to Bosshard in the 1970s).



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