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Light hearted
Pendant, 2012
electroformed balloon, silver, paint
$480 | ENQUIRE

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Hug Collector
Brooch, 2012
$125 | ENQUIRE

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Doodle Brooch
Brooch, 2012
$400 | ENQUIRE

4 / 5
Checkered Brooch
$400 | ENQUIRE

5 / 5
Fluro Flower Brooches
sterling silver, spraypaint
$350 | ENQUIRE

Renee Bevan

Renee Bevan’s earlier work revolved around a fascination with the manufactured sentimentality and vast symbolism of flowers, mainly the rose and carnation, as well as traditional jewellery. Both have a continuing longstanding history with commemorating love, life and death; creating endless paths for the exploration of ideas.

Bevan’s first significant solo exhibition New Work: Renee Bevan was presented at The National in 2012, and toured by the gallery to Wellington and Auckland.  Featuring both jewellery objects and photographic documentation of performance based jewellery work, this exhibition aimed to raise questions about the meaning and significance of jewellery; and question the possibilities of jewellery practice through relationships with the everyday.

A 24 page catalogue accompanied this exhibition, with essay by exhibition curator Karl Chitham.

“These new works operate undercover, a set of tools and cues ready to aid us in an exploration of the aspects of life that we often fail to notice. The unexpected love token, a set of eyes watching from behind a picture, the remnants of unspoken thoughts or the subverted reworking of a childhood game. These devices help to highlight or freeze-frame a moment in time. The new works suggest the wonder of discovery and an investigation of the minutiae of experiences we are surrounded by every day.”
Read an interview with Renee Bevan on her exhibition at The National, 2012:  http://www.artjewelryforum.org/ajf-blog/renee-beva


Renee Bevan was born in Auckland in 1980, and is of European/Cook Island descent.
Having completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at The University of Auckland MSVA in 2002, Renee has shown in a number of exhibitions both in New Zealand and internationally. Such exhibitions include Talente 2005/Schmuck 2008, Munich, The Pocket Guide to New Zealand Jewellery, exhibited in Boston, San Francisco and Wisconsin; Ontketend! (Jewellery Unleashed), The Dudok exhibit in The Netherlands and more recently Wunderruma, The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington and Galerie Handwerk, Munich.

Her first major solo exhibition New Work: Renee Bevan was exhibited at The National in 2012 and was toured in partnership with The National to The Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland and The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington in 2013.

Renee currently lives and works in Auckland.

A mentee in Handshake II, Renee Bevan is mentored by Harrell Fletcher, a social practice artist living in Portland, Oregon and Professor of Art and Social Practice at Portland University.

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