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Lisa Walker Special Edition Lisa Walker
Hard cover box & white gloves
$250 | ENQUIRE

Lisa Walker Special Edition

“Unwearable” features retrospective documentation of Lisa Walker’s pieces and projects from 1996-2008

240 pages

Darling Publications, Cologne/ New York

100 copies of this Special Edition de Luxe. Includes hard fabric covered presentation box and white gloves.

Photographers: Eva Jünger (Germany), Markus Molthoff (Germany), Petra Fischer (Germany), Birgit Rautenberg (Germany), Simon Vogel (Germany), Lukas Roth (Germany), Lisa Walker
Writers: Damian Skinner (New Zealand), Warwick Freeman (New Zealand), Liesbeth den Besten (Holland), Paul Derrez (Holland), Ellen Reiben (USA), Olga Zobel (Germany), Franz Liebl (Germany), Bernhard Schobinger (Switzerland), Thomas Palme (Germany)
Invited artists: Chicks On Speed (Germany, Spain)

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