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Necklace, 2020
merino, acrylic paint, thread, buttons

580 x 340mm

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plastic, cork, silver pin
62 x 48 x 28mm

Lisa Walker

“I research the differences between an acceptable notion of beauty or stereo-type, and something else – the search for an aesthetic that we hardly ever see, but nevertheless perhaps recognise.  I don’t want to make pieces that are easily steered through our established channels, I want people to be forced to work on new syllogisms, analogies and positions.   I am continually pushing towards the extreme, and see this is a method which enables an expansion in thinking and ways of working.
I use a large range of materials and techniques.

I make reactionary work, consciously active with influences from all walks of culture and life. The pieces are often laced with references to contemporary jewellery of the last forty years, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.

I position my work around the history, future, and boundaries of jewellery.  I make pieces for the future.  Everything is food for art”.
Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker is a contemporary jeweller based in Wellington, New Zealand.  She has a Diploma of Craft and Design from Dunedin School of Art (1989), and co-founded Workshop 6 in 1993. Walker studied at the Akadamie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, under Otto Künzli (1995-2001), before establishing her own studio in Munich (2002-2009). She now lives and works in Island Bay, Wellington.

Lisa Walker repurposes the world into a wearable language. Well known for her expansive use of materials, influences and construction techniques, with iconoclastic exuberance Walker poses questions about the possibilities and meaning of wearable objects. Remaining in close conversation with the history–and potential futures–of the medium, Walker’s work is deeply invested in exploring the limits and boundaries of what jewellery can do.

Walker has an extensive international exhibition history and her work is held in many international collections.  Her prestigious awards include Foerderpreis der Stadt Muenchen (2007), Francoise van den Bosch Award (2009), and the Arts Laureate Award of the New Zealand Arts Foundation (2015).  A major retrospective of her work I want to go to my bedroom but I can’t be bothered opened at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand in 2018. A touring version of this exhibition, She wants to go to her bedroom but can’t be botheredhas subsequently toured to RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, Australia (2019) and will open at Villa Stuck in Munich, Germany in March 2020.


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