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oxidised silver, muka

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oxidised silver

Mia Straka

“As a jeweller/artist working predominantly in the field of contemporary jewellery, my intersecting practice uses traditional craft methodologies as a basis from which to find my own way of making. Form is used as a metaphor to comment on the structures around us, both physical and metaphysical. Jewellery pieces explore the body as site, employing techniques, form and symbolism to express personal experiences and reactions to the world around me. Traditional processes and alternative materials are explored in a contemporary context, to question values and anchor the work in this specific place and time. A commitment to social, community and environmental issues are represented in my practice through conscious use of materials, processes, content, collaboration, interactivity and accessibility”.
Mia Straka

Mia Straka ​graduated with an Honors degree in 3D Design: Jewellery, from Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland (2001).   Her work is shown in galleries, and has toured public institutions nationally, and internationally. Her work is represented in the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection (NZ).  She is a current partner of collective jewellery studio Workshop 6, teaching and facilitating jewellery classes, alongside continuing to evolve her own contemporary jewellery practice. More recent work has also included community art projects, workshops, installations, larger scale sculptural work and objects, notably The Valere Talisman Project (est. 2017) and The Talisman Project (est. 2014).  Recent art residencies include Berlin, Germany 2018 and Oaxaca, Mexico 2014.

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