Sue Lorraine

Sue Lorraine’s studio-based arts practice spans over 40 years. She is a partner and founding member of Gray Street Workshop, Adelaide, and was Creative Director of the Metal Design Studio, JamFactory (1999 – 2008) and an employee of Arts South Australia (2009 – 2021).

Sue’s continuous exhibition practice is founded on experimentation, exploration and research, working with a broad range of materials and techniques in a style that is graphic, minimal and refined. She strives to make work that offers an alternate interpretation, that mixes historical and contemporary narratives creating a personal index of objects that often stray from the safe and predictable path. She is curious about how things work, how we have come to understand our position in the world through objects, and how this understanding is shaped and transformed by the passage of time.

Sue’s recent exhibition Measured #2 at The National “reflects on the last three years of pandemic life and our ever-changing relationship to the measurable and unmeasurable aspects of time, distance, and safety.  A variety of materials and found objects create a cacophony of works that act as a witness to the new not-so-normal world we now find ourselves in, to create a library of artefacts for the archives of the future”.    Sue Lorraine, 2022


> View exhibition Measured #2, Aug 2022

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