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Current Obsession #4 Marina Elenskaya , Sarah Mesritz, 2015
24x33 cm, 114 pages, Edition of 2000
Glossy magazine, 2 types of paper, glue bound.

Current Obsession #4

Current Obsession #4 Supernatural Issue / 2015 / attempts to connect the mystical notions of shamanism and magic to the creative process itself. While the concept of the artist as shaman was elaborated by artists in the mid-20th century, we were curious to find out how it’s reflected in today’s world. Essentially, it’s about creating one’s own narrative, mythology and belief system, while daring to challenge the conventions of art and design.

Issue #4 features:
* The Kingdom Of Gems / What we see in jewels and what jewels see in us by Makiko Akiyama
*Article by Mariah Tuttle / interviews with Misha Kahn, Lauren Kalman, Lisa Walker
* Statement piece – a conversation with Eamonn Harnett
* Currently Obsessed with / Cobra Gypsies by Raphael Treza
* Interview / Warwick Freeman
* Material / Brynjar Sigurðarson
* Statement piece / Wilderness Survival by Anna Bak
* Photoshoot / jewellery by Elvira Golombosi, photography by Imke Lighart
* The Way of the Future / Christophe Coppens
* Travel / Los Angeles
* Photography Artworks / Johan Rosenmunthe


Current Obsession is an independent magazine and platform discussing contemporary jewellery in a wider context of today’s visual culture. Current Obsession is largely based on interdisciplinary collaborations: the mission is to encourage a dialogue within the field of contemporary jewellery and stir new relations with art, design and fashion.

In addition to the magazine, Current Obsession offers exclusive online content via www.current-obsession.com

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