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Current Obsession #5 Current Obsession Issue #5, 2016


Current Obsession #5

Current Obsession #5 The Vernacular Issue / 2016 /

Every day we choose to wear jewellery. We stand in front of the mirror and pick up the one piece we know will work with that particular outfit, the occasion, the message we want to send out into the world. Every morning we choose to make a statement… without words. This subtle system of communication, known as jewellery, has been used for centuries, and is being used today, at this moment, right now.

Issue #5 features:

* The Way of the Future / Göran Kling
* Featured Photography / Senta Simonds
* Statement Piece / Nora Turato
* Editorial Photography / Peggy Kuiper & IOIA
* Currently Obsessed With / Happy Day by Julia Walter
* Travel / Tokyo
* Article / Volker Atrops
* Statement Piece / Rottingdean Bazaar

Current Obsession is an independent magazine and platform discussing contemporary jewellery in a wider context of today’s visual culture. Current Obsession is largely based on interdisciplinary collaborations: the mission is to encourage a dialogue within the field of contemporary jewellery and stir new relations with art, design and fashion.

In addition to the magazine, Current Obsession offers exclusive online content via www.current-obsession.com

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